2017 Conference

Conference Presentations 2017:

The Problem Is Poverty–Mosley
What Does Rural Healthcare Look Like Now-Loomis-Wagner-Bailly
Heartland Oklahoma A Coordinated Care Model in Rural Oklahoma-Halstead-Henderson-Lewis-Lopez
Shared Use and Places to Play for Increasing Physical Activity; Opportunities for Promoting Shared Use in both Urban and Rural Settings in OK-Call
Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment-Fritz
Going the Extra Mile to Reduce Oklahoma’s Leading Cause of Preventable Deat; Alliance Health Durant’s Tobacco Cessation Program-Finley-Hunter-Sampier-Crites-Baldridge Allen
The National Landscape of Rural Health-Slabach
Quality Payment Program Overview-Adedokun-Neal
The State Landscape of Rural Health–Cox-Kain
The State Landscape of Rural Health–Evans
Governor’s Health Workforce Subcommittee–Cox-Kain, Castleberry, and Dunham
Seeking Models for Sustaining Access to Health Care in Rural Communities-Fosmire


2015 Conference

2015 Presentations

Asmussen–Gossett–Pasternik-Ikard–A Targeted Infant Mortality Rate Reduction Program for the SoonerCare Population
Brock Slabach–National Rural Health Landscape
CAPT Martha Culver–A Method to Improve Population Health

Castleberry–State Health Workforce Action Plan and OSIM, Transforming Health Care Delivery
Davis-Arthur-Shaffer-Schott–Does Your Hospital Need a Turnaround Plan
Davis-Arthur-Shaffer-Schott–Presentation Handout
Dill-Shaffer–Oklahoma Turning Point Partnerships for Health Improvement
Dr Kenneth Copeland –Physician’s Perspective on Telemedicine’s Impact on Rural Health Care and Patients
Dr William Paiva–Rural Health Innovation
Dr William Pettit–Changes in Residency Programs
Dr. Manzer–The Game is Played Away from the Ball
Jenkins-Hukill-Pricer–Growing Your Community Health Improvement Organization
Jim Bishop–State Programs that Provide Scholarships and Other Financial Incentives
Jones–Transforming Health Care
Kelsey-Scheideman-Miller–Telemedicine Policy & Reimbursement Update
Lufkin–Physician’s Perspective on Telemedicine’s Impact on Rural Health Care
Lynne White–Oklahoma Legislative Update
Owens–Pasternik-Ikard–Oklahoma’s Safety Net Providers and Collaborative Opportunities to Improve Access to Care
Ralph Llewellyn–Operational Efficiency Impact on Reimbursement
Rick Wagner–Rural Health Success Factors
Schott–Does Your Hospital Need a Turnaround Plan
Welch–Handout–Summary Cost Report
Welch–Medicare Cost Reimbursement Analysis


2014 Conference

2014 Presentations

Brock Slabach Rural Health Landscape, click here
Center Overview April 2014, click here
Cheryl St Clair Economic Impact of a Typical Rural Nursing Home, click here
Cheryl St Clair EMS Systems Budgeting for Rural EMS, click here
Donna Jennings Oklahoma Highlights 2014 Medicare OPPS Final Rule, click here
Donna Jennings State Telemedicine Gaps Analysis, click here
Donna Jennings Swing Bed Fact Sheet, click here
Dr. Curry and Dr. Kerth Bridging the Gap Hospital to Home, click here
Dr. Dentino and Claire Nichols Improving Senior Health Care through Telemedicine, click here
Dr. Lindsay Transitional Care  Understanding Quality, click here
Dr. Taylor and Dr. Barta Customer Service PRIDE, click here
Dr. Taylor and Dr. Barta PRIDE  EMPLOYEE HANDOUT, click here
Dr. Yeaman Coodinating Care in Oklahoma, click here
Jan Slater Game Changers, click here
Monica Ronne and Mindy Snowden Increasing Access to Healthcare, click here
Nat Crawford Influential Leadership, click here
Oklahoma PP Telemedicine Programming Final, click here
Pam Davis Medicare Updates Handout, click here
Pam Davis Medicare Updates presentation, click here
Patrice Greenawalt From Small Test of Change to Big Results, click here
Robert Lane and Carol Smith A Data Driven Approach to Coordinated Rural Health, click here
Toni Hart CHIO Handouts, click here


See what the attendees said about the 2013 Rural Health Conference:

“Great venue. Great food. Solid messages.”

“Some really excellent info disseminated during the plenaries & breakouts.”

“This was an interesting and informative conference that I would recommend.”

“It is the best rural health conference in Oklahoma.”

“…it is a conference put on by rural Oklahomans for rural Oklahomans.”

“If someone wants to make connections with provider groups, this would be a good venue to do it.”

“I am extremely critical of conferences, having organized a few myself, but I was so pleased with this event & look forward to the next. Great Job to the organizers & RHA[O]!”




2013 Conference


2013 Award Press Release, click here


2013 Photo Gallery, click on an image to see larger.

2013 Presentations

Barr — Medicare Shared Savings.pdf

Chipman — Tobacco Cessation.pdf

Cohea — Moore Medical Center 2013.pdf

Cordry — Rural Mental Health.pdf

Dentino & Dowers-Nichols — Improving Rural Senior Health.pdf

Ehrhardt & Randazzo — Public Health Innovation.pdf

Fritz — RHC Social Work Practice in Primary Care.pdf

Heater — OHCA Board Pres_LP (final).pdf

Jelinek — Clinical Quality Measures.pdf

Kaiser & Walton — CAH Performance.pdf

Keilers — CEO Turnover.pdf

Milligan — Taking Down Goliath.pdf

Mongold — Meaningful Use Outcome.pdf

Pace — Rural Health Network.pdf

Umadjela — Childhood Overweight & Obesity.pdf

Welch — Model for Eyecare.pdf

Woods — OK Alzheimer’s Association.pdf


2012 Conference

2012 Joint Fall Rural and Underserved Conference Presentations

Don Weaver, MD:  “Getting Better Together”

Richard Carter, MD:  “Collaboration:  The Key to Countering the Efflux of Rural Health Services”

Mark Hopkins, MSKM, AHIP:  “Going Mobile:  Enhancing 24/7 Health Informaiton Access”

Jack R. Friedman, PhD, and Lori L. Jervis, PhD:  “From the Front Lines:  Rual Primary Care and Behavioral Health”

David Kendrick, MD, MPH:  “Meaningful Use”  (Coming Soon!)

Todd Michael Patnode and Louis Robichaux:  “How to Save a Dying Hospital”

Ed Long and Abigail Pinkele:  “Effective Outreach in the Health Care Reform Environment”  Long Presentation    Pinkele Presentation

Kathryn Weldon:  “Creating Winning Cultures”

Jonathan Kolarik, RN, MBA:  “Privacy/Security and HIPAA Readiness”

Anthony Lee, MPH:  “Oklahoma Health Alert Network”

Bill Pettit, DO, MA; Duane Koehler, DO, FACOP, and Denna Wheeler, PhD:  “Pulling it Together for Primary Health Care in Rural and Underserved Areas”

Kurt Mosley:  “Health Reform and the Decline of Physician Private Practice”

Gerard Clancy, MD:  “Accountable Care Organizations in Rural Oklahoma”

Treasurer Ken Miller, PhD:  “Oklahoma Economic Update”

Katy Smith, MS:  “Integrating Primary Care Practices and Community-Based Programs to Manage Obesity”


2011 Conference

Presentations of the 2011 Conference:

Paul Moore –  “Dollars & Sense in Rural Health”

Brock Slabach – “NHRA 18,000+ voices working as one Strong Voice”

Joe Gallegos – “Community Health Centers; Yesterday and Today”

Marisa New & Tina Johnson – “Health Beyond the Healthcare System” ; Turning Point Map;County Health Department map; OK demographics

Mike Bowers – “Survival Strategies for the Rural Hospitals”

Becky Peal-Sconce – “Medicare Update”

“Affordable Care Act Insurance Clauses and Rural Oklahoma”

Tanya Case – “OK Temporary High Risk Pool”

Beverly Tyler – “Sustaining Rural Health Programs”

Cheryl St. Clair & Corie Kaiser – “Community Assessment & Engagment”; slides from National Rural Health Works


2010 Conference

Becky Peal Sconce

Cinician Recruitment – RHAO, OK

Deanna Wheeler

Dr. Clancy

Dr. Golder

Dr. Mold

George Hendley

Jason Friesen

Jone Friesen

Judy Grant

Kim Holland

Grassroots September 2010

Mark Jones



Confernce Logo 2016

Oklahoma Rural Health Conference Agenda

Agenda final

Conference Presentations

Slabach-Okla Rural Health Conference May 2016

Felts–MACRA Regulations

McCormick-Culture That Empowers TeleChange

Wagner–Making Your Clinic Operations Work

Paiva-Discharge Planning and Innovative

Weinberg-Leonardi-Saavedra– Medicaid Managed Care Lessons Learned from NM

Wiley-HIPAA Compliance Security in the HC Environment-Rural Health Conference 5.19

O’Brien-Thompson–Care Coordination

Commissioner White-Behavioral Health Services

Hill-Choctaw Teaching Health Center

Enright–Going DEEP into Rural Oklahoma

O’Leary–Telehealth Adoption-Peeling the Policy Onion