2015 Conference

2015 Presentations

Asmussen–Gossett–Pasternik-Ikard–A Targeted Infant Mortality Rate Reduction Program for the SoonerCare Population
Brock Slabach–National Rural Health Landscape
CAPT Martha Culver–A Method to Improve Population Health

Castleberry–State Health Workforce Action Plan and OSIM, Transforming Health Care Delivery
Davis-Arthur-Shaffer-Schott–Does Your Hospital Need a Turnaround Plan
Davis-Arthur-Shaffer-Schott–Presentation Handout
Dill-Shaffer–Oklahoma Turning Point Partnerships for Health Improvement
Dr Kenneth Copeland –Physician’s Perspective on Telemedicine’s Impact on Rural Health Care and Patients
Dr William Paiva–Rural Health Innovation
Dr William Pettit–Changes in Residency Programs
Dr. Manzer–The Game is Played Away from the Ball
Jenkins-Hukill-Pricer–Growing Your Community Health Improvement Organization
Jim Bishop–State Programs that Provide Scholarships and Other Financial Incentives
Jones–Transforming Health Care
Kelsey-Scheideman-Miller–Telemedicine Policy & Reimbursement Update
Lufkin–Physician’s Perspective on Telemedicine’s Impact on Rural Health Care
Lynne White–Oklahoma Legislative Update
Owens–Pasternik-Ikard–Oklahoma’s Safety Net Providers and Collaborative Opportunities to Improve Access to Care
Ralph Llewellyn–Operational Efficiency Impact on Reimbursement
Rick Wagner–Rural Health Success Factors
Schott–Does Your Hospital Need a Turnaround Plan
Welch–Handout–Summary Cost Report
Welch–Medicare Cost Reimbursement Analysis