2014 Conference

2014 Presentations

Brock Slabach Rural Health Landscape, click here
Center Overview April 2014, click here
Cheryl St Clair Economic Impact of a Typical Rural Nursing Home, click here
Cheryl St Clair EMS Systems Budgeting for Rural EMS, click here
Donna Jennings Oklahoma Highlights 2014 Medicare OPPS Final Rule, click here
Donna Jennings State Telemedicine Gaps Analysis, click here
Donna Jennings Swing Bed Fact Sheet, click here
Dr. Curry and Dr. Kerth Bridging the Gap Hospital to Home, click here
Dr. Dentino and Claire Nichols Improving Senior Health Care through Telemedicine, click here
Dr. Lindsay Transitional Care  Understanding Quality, click here
Dr. Taylor and Dr. Barta Customer Service PRIDE, click here
Dr. Taylor and Dr. Barta PRIDE  EMPLOYEE HANDOUT, click here
Dr. Yeaman Coodinating Care in Oklahoma, click here
Jan Slater Game Changers, click here
Monica Ronne and Mindy Snowden Increasing Access to Healthcare, click here
Nat Crawford Influential Leadership, click here
Oklahoma PP Telemedicine Programming Final, click here
Pam Davis Medicare Updates Handout, click here
Pam Davis Medicare Updates presentation, click here
Patrice Greenawalt From Small Test of Change to Big Results, click here
Robert Lane and Carol Smith A Data Driven Approach to Coordinated Rural Health, click here
Toni Hart CHIO Handouts, click here


See what the attendees said about the 2013 Rural Health Conference:

“Great venue. Great food. Solid messages.”

“Some really excellent info disseminated during the plenaries & breakouts.”

“This was an interesting and informative conference that I would recommend.”

“It is the best rural health conference in Oklahoma.”

“…it is a conference put on by rural Oklahomans for rural Oklahomans.”

“If someone wants to make connections with provider groups, this would be a good venue to do it.”

“I am extremely critical of conferences, having organized a few myself, but I was so pleased with this event & look forward to the next. Great Job to the organizers & RHA[O]!”